Stopping a Hyper-V Virtual Machine that hangs after trying to stop

Earlier this week I had a troublesome Virtual Machine which kept going into a Not Responding state .  To try and combat the issue I wanted to Shutdown the server as I realized I hadn’t installed the Guest Additions which could be contributing to the stability issues.  However it wasn’t as simple as stopping the server as it remained in stopping-critical state.  On this occasion I was able to restart the host but for future reference I found this solution on a forum.

  1. Run Sysinternals Process Monitor
  2. Check your VM’s GUID by examing the configuration file. (Often C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\Virtual Machines)
  3. Check each VMWP.EXE Process (Virtual Machine Worker Process)
  4. Check the process ‘Properties’
  5. Each process will have a reference in the ‘Command Line’ section of the properties dialogue which refers to the VM’s GUID
  6. When you find the VMWP.exe related to your VM kill that process and it should stop your VM without affecting any of VM’s on the host.

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