My Home Server – Part 1

Its time for my second blog post and as promised its about my newly built Home Server.  I’m fairly new to Linux so I decided to use Ubuntu Server 9.04 (codenamed Jaunty Jackalope) as it seems to be the most widely supported distribution around at the moment with plenty of resources to help on-line.

I decided to build a home server for a number of reasons so I have listed them below.  I will be posting the installation steps for each of the roles.

Home Server Roles

  • File Sharing
  • To learn Linux
  • Backups
  • Music streaming
  • Video streaming

The Hardware

I was going to use one of my old laptops as the server but decided to put together something lower powered and smaller.  I also just wanted the excuse to build a new PC using the ever growing Mini ITX form factor.  The PC I put together is easily upgradable, low powered and can be easily  be tucked away without having to worry about noise and heat, which I consider to be important for any Home Server.

  • Gigabyte GA-GC330UD
  • Intel Atom 330
  • Sugo SG06
  • 2 GB PC2-6400
  • 1TB Samsung Eco Green

Total Cost of Server £195

My next post will show how to install Ubuntu Server.  If you have read this and would like to build a Home Server the system requirements are fairly low so any old PC should do the job.

Recommended System Requirements

Come back soon

the SimpleGeek

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