A useful GeoIP Lookup using ipinfo.io

Working with firewalls mean I’m often looking up the organisation and location of IP address. This is a nice way to quickly resolve an IP from the command line. curl ipinfo.io/ I also found the powershell command invoke-webrequest works. Credits to https://danielmiessler.com

Has my email account been hacked?

If you ever suspect you have been hacked the below websites scan the internet for stolen password data posted by hackers.  The sites have a harvesting infrastructure looking for potential leaks and hold it in their database allowing you to check if your email details have been posted online. https://breachalarm.com/ https://pwnedlist.com/query https://haveibeenpwned.com/

How to use the tar command?

The tar command is used for bundling multiple files and folders.  It is similar to the zip command although the files don’t have to be compressed. The ‘.gz’ extension highlights if the tar file is compressed. Many of the packages you will want to install on Linux distributions will be packaged in a .tar.gz file. …

Checking md5sum on Linux

Open Terminal Run # md5sum packagename.tar.gz

nmap Host Discovery

nmap can useful command line tool to check what hosts are alive on a particular network. I often use the the nmap with the -sn switch. This option tells Nmap not to do a port scan after host discovery, and only print out the available hosts that responded to the host discovery probes. This is…

Installing SharePoint 2010 Central Admin using Powershell

After installing SharePoint I cancel the final setup wizard and configure Central Admin using Powershell.  The advantage of this is a guid free database name.  Its also a handy way to setup SharePoint if you are doing multiple installs as its much quicker to run a script.  In the earlier days of SharePoint 2010 the…

Gather events from ULS log for specific correlation ID

Lately I have been working with SharePoint 2010 and often find myself having to troubleshoot problems using the ULS Log viewer tool.   I’m sure anyone that has done this before would agree that it can be time consuming and at times difficult to find what your looking for.   Luckily Powershell comes to the rescue and…

Stopping a Hyper-V Virtual Machine that hangs after trying to stop

Earlier this week I had a troublesome Virtual Machine which kept going into a Not Responding state .  To try and combat the issue I wanted to Shutdown the server as I realized I hadn’t installed the Guest Additions which could be contributing to the stability issues.  However it wasn’t as simple as stopping the…

How copy Powershell syntax Colouring

The other day I was trying to document some Powershell scripts for a SharePoint installation and wanted to keep the syntax highlighting in word.  After some googling I found the solution. The PowerShellPack, after installing you get extra copy options in ISE. Full install guide here:- How to Insert Formatted Windows PowerShell Code on TechNet Wiki…

Failed to download the VirtualBox Guest Additions CD image from..

After installing VirtualBox on Ubuntu 11.10 I was unable to get the Guest Additions CD image from the programmed location:- http://dlc.sun.com.edgesuite.net/virtualbox/4.1.2_Ubuntu/VBoxGuestAdditions_4.1.2_Ubuntu.iso To fix the issue I had to run sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso and mount the ISO in virtualbox before running the VM.  The ISO should be located in /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso.